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Welcome to 3xtra

Where you can shop our trendy, sustainable apparel. Crafted with recycled materials, our tees, hoodies, and tote bags demonstrate our commitment to green fashion.

mission to zero comission carbon neutral


We’re passionate about reducing waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. Our apparel is made from recycled organic cotton and recycled polyester, reflecting our dedication to the planet. Each item is meticulously made-to-order, ensuring no excess inventory and reducing unnecessary waste.

Your conscious choices should benefit both the planet and the people behind your clothing. Our garments are produced by Fair Wear Foundation-supported workers, and our clothing pieces are made with a leader certificate. After all, how can you truly love a clothing piece if it’s not made from a lovable place?

In a world where many struggle with self-acceptance, we want to help. Our collection caters to everyone, regardless of size or identity. We encourage you to embrace your true self and celebrate inclusivity.