Black friday? We’re going for Green Friday!

Black Friday is a day of deals and discounts, but is it really sustainable to participate in this bargain hunt? We don’t think so. That’s why we’re not participating in Black Friday, but in Green Friday.

What is Green Friday?

Green Friday is an initiative of Trees for All. On this day, attention is drawn to sustainability and conscious consumption. Instead of mass consumption and overproduction, Green Friday focuses on conscious consumption and waste reduction. We started an donations program for Trees for All, you can find it here.

Why aren’t we participating in Black Friday?

We believe that Black Friday does not fit our mission and vision. We want to contribute to a more sustainable world, and we do this by selling sustainable products and investing in sustainability. Black Friday, on the other hand, stands for impulse purchases and overconsumption. This has negative consequences for the environment and society.

What do we do on Green Friday?

On Green Friday, we do a number of fun things to raise awareness for sustainability. For example:

  • We started an action for Trees for All.
  • You can win a sustainable hoodie when you sign up!
  • We will donate 20% of the sales made on black friday/cyber monday to Trees for All.

So, if you want to shop in a sustainable way, join Green Friday!

We believe it is important to inspire others to consume more consciously. That’s why we encourage you to join Green Friday as well. Do the following:

  • Think carefully before you buy anything. Do you really need the product?
  • Buy sustainable products that will last.
  • Repair products that are broken.
  • Donate or recycle products that you no longer use.
    Together we can make a difference

By consuming more consciously, we can contribute to a more sustainable world. Are you in?


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