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Valentine’s Day
Roses, chocolate, candlelight… Valentine’s Day is the moment to shower your loved one with love and gifts. But did you know that you can also show your love in a sustainable way? In this article, we share fun and original ideas for a green Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget the flowers, but this year choose a sustainable alternative. Go to a local florist and ask for organic flowers or flowers that are in season. Or choose a flower box that you can plant in the garden after Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate is of course indispensable on Valentine’s Day. But pay attention to the label! Choose fair trade chocolate, which is produced with respect for people and the environment.

A romantic dinner by candlelight is always a success. But this year, go for candles made from natural materials, such as beeswax or soy. This way you create a cozy atmosphere and contribute to a better world.

Looking for an original gift? Give an experience as a gift! What do you think of a workshop cooking together, a day out in nature or a relaxing massage for two?

Even with small gifts you can make a big difference. For example, give a sustainable water bottle, a set of bamboo straws or a personalized lunch box.

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate, and that can also be done in a sustainable way. With a little creativity, you can surprise your loved one with an original and loving gift, without harming the environment.

And don’t forget: the most important thing is to show your love. You can do this with a small gift, a loving card or simply with a warm hug.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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