What makes us sustainable?

How is it made?

What makes our clothing brand a sustainable one? You will read about it here below. Therefore you can see we do the most in our power to contribute to a better fashion industry and will keep doing our best because it is the most valuable to us. 


The fabrics are made from eco-friendly fibers and materials certified with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Organic Content Standard (OCS), Global Recycle Standard (GRS), OEKO-TEX and PETA Approved.


Packaging is a huge source of plastic and pollution, and is especially problematic in apparel and e-commerce industries. We work with wastebased. and noissue to ensure that all our packaging is 100% non-toxic and compostable or recyclable. In the event of a return, our mailers can be resealed and reused.


We have chosen the Epson SureColor F3000 for all our direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Not only do these printers offer unmatched speed and precision, but they also stand out as the most sustainable choice on the market. We use water-based inks that hold both GOTS and Oeko-Tex certifications. Our pre-treatment fluid, essential for bonding the ink to the fabric, holds the Oeko-Tex certification.These certifications assure that our inks are not only safe for the environment but also for your skin.


We have partnered with PostNL and DHL , all of which have made sustainability a priority through company-wide goals aligned with our values. As our carriers continue to work towards eliminating the net carbon footprint of their logistics networks – for example by switching to all-electric fleets – we continue to offset all carbon emissions generated in the delivery of our orders.

100% renewable energy

The entire fulfillment facility runs on 100% renewable energy sourced from wind and solar parks in the Netherlands. For the small amounts of gas we use to keep warm during the colder months, we offset our carbon consumption by planting trees with a reforestation partner.